Turn your sleepout into a short-stay apartment

Hello, spring! We’re one season away from summer. So, before New Zealand becomes flooded with tourists and holiday goers, we thought we’d let you in on a little secret; a neat way in which you can make some extra money during the holiday season without committing any major financial investments. 

You’ve no doubt got an understanding of the concept of short-stay accommodations. It’s a lucrative pie and everyone wants a piece of it, but not everyone has the space to accommodate holiday goers without giving up a chunk of their own personal homes. 

In today’s article, we’ll solve that problem with one convenient solution: the portable sleepout. 

Easy, instant and mercifully temporary 

There’s no need to worry about big loans and long-term commitments with Portable Building Hire. When hiring one of our portable units, you can enjoy fantastic build quality and prompt delivery and removal. Pay an affordable rental rate for our portable sleepouts and see the unit delivered to your door and removed whenever you’re ready. 

You can hire a portable sleepout for summer, rent it out as a short-stay cabin, and send it on back when you’ve finished making your profit!  

Why choose a portable sleepout for your 

There are plenty of benefits that you’ll enjoy when you hire a portable sleepout for a short-stay rental in New Zealand. Let us list a few for your consideration: 

  • No strings attached, you can rent the portable unit for the holiday season, then use the space as a home office or guest room, or simply send it back! 
  • An affordable solution: no big home loans or renovation projects, just the cost of transport and portable building hire! 
  • Privacy: for both you and your guests. Your portable unit can feature a lockbox to allow guests to come and go without even saying hello! Holiday homes feel less relaxed and more like ‘staying with family members’ when visitors are forced to interact or share living quarters with a homeowner, and a portable unit ensures that your visitors will have their independence and privacy maintained.