So, living in a portable sleepout, unit or cabin. What’s it like? Will it feel like a motel, studio, or worse, a campervan? How much money will I save, really? Could a temporary self-contained unit really solve my affordable house problems?

We’re answering all these questions and more in today’s article, in which we explore the benefits and comforts of living in a portable home – especially during the winter!

Comfort over commitment

Homes don’t have to be big, scary, mortgage-inducing commitments. For new families or young couples looking for an affordable and immediate option, you can choose to hire a portable cabin in which to live and enjoy. You’ll have all the usual comforts of a modern New Zealand home with the following benefits:

  • Tailor-made for you
  • Built with high-quality New Zealand building materials
  • Delivered to your doorstep (or, rather, what will soon become your doorstep)
  • A temporary building hire solution – return the portable unit as soon as you’re ready to move out and move on
  • Brand new home – no sneaky costs hidden in fix-it jobs
  • Instant – simply place your order and have your home built and delivered as efficiently and quickly as a custom made garment or scented candle!

Follow the sun

To follow the san is a phrase which, in this case, means you can quite literally follow the sun in your portable self-contained unit.

Throughout the year, you can shift your portable unit anywhere in the country. If there’s a particular city in which you prefer to spend a particular season, your portable self-contained home can be picked up and delivered hither and thither as you please.

Want to spend your winter months living in the high country? Why not! Feel like shifting to the temperate Bay of Plenty when summer turns up again? Go for it! Anything is possible when your home is portable

No matter where you move in your portable self-contained unit, you’ll be free to position the building’s plentiful windows toward the sun. Soak up precious hours of sunlight in the middle of winter and enjoy a home that’s warm, dry and healthy all year long. Should the -floor-to-ceiling glass let in a little too much light, and should the heat get a little overwhelming, simply call up our Portable Building Hire team and we’ll shift the property around to suit your needs!