Take a moment to picture yourself in your twilight years: the years after retirement where your body slows almost to a halt, and you’d know you’d feel that much safer if you had your family close by, watching over you and sharing a meal now and then. You’d still want to maintain a touch of independence, wouldn’t you? You’d want a nice balance of privacy and connection: peaceful alone time and fun, conversational family time. 

Such balance isn’t usually achieved through moving in with one’s children. Becoming a member of a bustling family household usually creates unwanted stress and friction for both parties. You’d find yourself living full-time in your bedroom so as not to interrupt the family’s TV time and livingroom activities. You’d feel awkward inviting over a friend, as it’s technically not your home and therefore not your place to host guests on a whim. 

Here at Portable Building Hire, we’ve formulated a sophisticated solution to this sticky situation. You may have heard of the concept of hiring a granny flat in New Zealand, but our portable granny flats are truly on another level. 

Each portable sleepout we build is formed and fitted with the finest materials and constructed with the sort of quality you’d expect in a full-sized kiwi home. You can feel confident when hiring our portable units, knowing that you won’t be sacrificing an ounce of comfort for the smaller, portable space. You can look forward to the same sort of fluffy carpet, modern faucets, double-glazed windows, a spacious kitchen and heatpump that you’d be afforded in a brand new build. 

Add to that the fact that you can customise your portable granny flat to your taste. We can fit your portable unit with plenty of helpful accessibility features to ensure and maintain your comfort, convenience and (most importantly) independence. 

A portable home can be situated snuggly in a garden belonging to your loved ones. You can be close enough to enjoy their company and assistance without encroaching on their personal space. A portable unit is also extremely affordable to rent: more so than any house on the market, so you’ll save money while enjoying all the mods and cons of a full-sized home! 

With everything these days being so snappy and instant, it can be so easy to forget those members of our family whose lives are slowing down dramatically as they move into their twilight years. A walk to the local park, a visit to the dairy, and even a trip to the bathroom can pose intense challenges for the elderly among us. There comes a time when nan and pop can’t do their daily routines without needing a little extra help, and that’s when they need you! 

At portable building hire, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to provide nan and pop with a safe, easily-navigated home in which to comfortably spend their twilight years. You can hire a portable granny flat in New Zealand to house your elderly relatives from the safe proximity of your own garden! 

Our team are ready to talk customisations: any portable building ordered with us can be fully customised according to your preferences and needs, so you can ensure your portable building is safe and cozy. Your parents or grandparents can enjoy the independence and comfort of their own space, while maintaining a safe distance in case they need a meal, take a tumble, or just need a little company. 

Give the team at Portable Building Hire a call today to get your family’s perfect granny flat made and delivered to your door!