Space for a growing family

Just as a child outgrows their baby clothes, families tend to outgrow their homes. Simply packing up and moving to a bigger home isn’t always so simple, however. There’s a good chance that you and your children are already established in your neighbourhood; that you have work, school, friends and family in the area, and these might not be so easily accessible in a new location. 

Take into account, too, that new homes are expensive and moving is extraordinarily time-consuming and stressful. If you’re looking to accommodate your growing family and you find yourself unable to move, we’ve got a perfect solution for you. 

Comfortably expand your family with a portable sleepout

Rather than renovating for a new room (a process that involves plenty of inconvenient construction and disruption to your life), we can offer a more practical and less permanent alternative.

Our portable sleepouts are comfortable, convenient and come complete and ready for immediate use. Fitted with plenty of power points, a heat pump, carpets and a secure sliding door, we predict that the lucky person who gets to sleep in the ‘sleepout’ will enjoy their accommodating new room. 

Our portable sleepouts can be delivered to your door and set up on your lawn, close enough to your house for security and ease of access. 

A customisable solution 

Your portable sleepout can feature a range of upgrades, both stylish and practical. Get creative with your unit: request that we add a bathroom and a kitchenette so that when your kids grow up and leave the nest, you’ll be able to rent out your granny flat as an Airbnb! 

Our portable units are sleek and stylish – if you’re planning to rent a portable building in New Zealand for a long period of time, we can work out a range of materials and paints that suit the existing exterior of your family home. 

Keen to get one of these portable sleepouts set up for your growing family? Talk to the team at Portable Building Hire today!