Invest in your small business in the New Year

Getting good office space can be an absolute mission, which is why the appeal of the home office has only grown in the past few years. With so many of us working more hours remotely thanks to the wonders of modern cloud technology and communication, a home office is an excellent solution for that much-needed single-purpose space you’ve been searching for. The best part is that you can make it happen in your own garden! Read today’s blog to find out how.

Availability, Suitability and Affordability – We’ve Got This!

A portable home office, brought to you by the team at Portable Building Hire, is the ultimate all-in-one solution to your office space issue.

If you’ve been treating a portion of your home as an office, it’s time to invest in and commit to your own business in 2019. Treat this New Year as a fresh start. Give yourself the private space you need with one of our portable units. Our portable office buildings come in a wide range of sizes, varying between the cosy two-desk unit to a large multi-office portable building that can fit at least a dozen desks.

Are you planning to take on new team members in the New Year? Consider a multi-office portable building

Our multi-office buildings feature all the usual office mods and cons, only they’re easily shifted and can be delivered to your site in a snap! Our multi offices can come equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen, so you can ‘set up camp’ and take on 2019 with your team anywhere you like!

We understand that finding office space can be a challenge, but with a convenient, compact portable unit, we believe that you’ll be enabled to grow and thrive in your business. Say hello to a fresh start and a smart solution to your office space search with Portable Building Hire!