We’re well into winter now, and without doubt, the worst weather is yet to come. It’s not too late to make provisions for your hard-working team. In this article, we’ll cover all the portable units that you can hire to keep your workers covered during meetings, lunch breaks, emergencies and bathroom visits.

Portable office hire

Be it a health and safety meeting, an end of day review or an early morning pep talk, your team needs a roof under which to meet. If everyone is left to stand out in the cold during meetings, you can almost guarantee that nobody is listening – they’re probably more focused on trying to stay warm!

For an affordable meeting room option, we recommend that you invest in portable office hire. Specifically, our multi-office unit, where your whole team can comfortably file in and attend meetings at any time of the day. Our portable office blocks come in a myriad of sizes to suit your site’s needs. Be it a skeleton crew or a great group of contractors, we’ve got your team covered this winter.

Portable lunch room hire

Hire a portable lunch room and ensure your team have a warm, dry and covered place to go while resting and nourishing their bodies. It’s important for the health, safety and morale of your workers to provide them with a place to prepare food and consume it in comfort. There’s a lot to be said for enjoying a hot cuppa during the winter, too, so be sure to invest in a portable lunchroom that features a kitchen with hot water provisions, a

fridge for milk, and a microwave for reheating meals or warming up a classic cup of noodles.

Portable toilet block hire

Have your team got somewhere to go when they’ve got to go? You can hire a portable toilet block for your team that features all the mods and cons, including showers, urinals and changing areas. Toilet hire for construction sites is simple and efficient with Portable Building Hire: we can even stop by to shift your toilet block as your site shifts from one area to another.

Our Portable Buildings are perfect for the winter!

Our portable units for hire or purchase in New Zealand are each equipped with a powerful heatpump and quality carpet for added insulation.