While we offer a convenient array of existing New Zealand Portable Building layouts, did you know that you are welcome to customise your own design? Our team can confidently build any feature request you’d like, and we’ve got some useful suggestions for you in today’s blog.  

Soundproofing for the perfect private studio 

Recording is an extremely technical and delicate business. Any uninvited backgrounds sounds are sure to show in your final product, but with a properly soundproofed studio, you’ll be free to record top quality music without interruption. Everything from windows to doorframes, wall insulation, carpet and wall coverings can be customised in your portable unit. To create the perfect studio for sound recording, you need only request that the Portable Building Hire team prepare your portable unit accordingly, with plenty of soundproofing and wiring or power points for your recording gear.

Excellent lighting (natural or artificial) for the perfect home photography studio 

As a portrait or product photographer, it’s important to have an uninterrupted space in which you can photograph your clients in peace and privacy. Maternity shoots, for example, can be a vulnerable experience for your client, so you’ll need to provide a private and professional setting where your client will feel comfortable while partially disrobing. Newborn photography requires a peaceful atmosphere away from disruption, and plenty of comfortable seating and space for parents to sit near in order to assist and observe. 

So the key factors to note here are space, privacy and lighting. Whether you need custom-made large windows in which to capture plenty of natural light, or you’d like to eliminate windows entirely and focus on plenty of specialised artificial lights, the team at Portable Building Hire can arrange your custom portable unit to suit your photography studio needs.

Our professional team of portable building hire experts take pride in our workmanship. Rest assured that we’ll build exactly to your specifications, ensuring you the peace of mind portable building hire experience that you need and deserve.