Building or renovating this summer? You need a portable home

With the promise of good weather, many New Zealand families seize the summer season as a prime opportunity for property development. One of the greatest challenges that you’ll face during the building season is trying to pinpoint some affordable accommodation for yourself and your family while your home is constructed or renovated.

That’s where we come in!

Stay on site

We know that you’ll want to be close to your property during the build or renovation, which is why we offer compact portable homes for you to stay in on site. There’s no better place to be! Think of it this way: you’ve paid good money to purchase your plot of land, so why not make the most of the money that you’ve spent? Rent one of our affordable portable sleepouts or portable homes and live on the property that you’ve worked hard to purchase.

Be available to your builders

Unless you’ve put your order in for a turn-key home, you’ll find yourself met with copious questions and concerns by your construction or renovation team. Rather than driving from your temporary accommodation to your build site, hire a portable building and stay on site and keep yourself available to your team.

Our portable units are well-made and built for convenience and comfort, so you’ll be able to enjoy the same level of comfort as a normal family home without having to commit to yet another build!

Meet your neighbours 

Enjoy an opportunity to experience your new neighbourhood while living as a part of it in your portable sleepout or home. Our portable units are every bit as cosy and accommodating as a full-sized home, meaning you’ll be able to invite your neighbours over before your house has even been built! It’s a great time to build relationships and maybe gain a few expert pieces of advice from the existing residents.

Hire your portable unit for the duration of your summer build and simply call up the Portable Building Hire team when you’re finished with the unit and ready for its removal. It’s literally that simple!