Portable office hire is a popular solution to a wide range of space requirements and challenges in New Zealand. You’ll be surprised by just how many business-related challenges can be overcome with the hirage of one of our portable office units! 

While we usually highlight the benefits of a portable office being used in its natural sense, we’d like to dedicate this month’s blog to a selection of alternative office uses you can enjoy with our portable units. 

A welcome station 

Portable office units are popular options when being used as temporary welcome sites or stations. For example, you might spot one of our portable units at the entrance to a special event, a large subdivision or selection of open homes, campsites, for-sale car parks, or a construction site. Providing a covered and cosy room in which to welcome visitors, many folks opt to hire portable buildings in which to host the initial welcoming of a guest to a site. 

Make the most of your portable office hire by decorating the space with comfortable seating arrangements, artwork on the walls, a water cooler and perhaps a selection of pamphlets for your visitors to flip through so they can get a good understanding of who you are and what you do, or what your event might entail. 

A safe place to make financial transactions and sign legal documentation 

Nobody wants to discuss or handle large sums of money outdoors, especially if there are other potentially dangerous parties lingering around and listening to the conversation. For folks looking to purchase a car, a plot of land or a selection of pricey items at a market, it’s both practical and polite to offer them a covered venue in which to discuss and carry out a large financial transaction. 

Our solution: simply hire a portable office. Fully-wired and safely lockable, our portable units are the perfect place in which to safely handle money, whether you’re out in the middle of a farm or situated in a bustling CBD market. Our secure portable units will provide your clients, customers and visitors with the comfort and ease they need when paying large sums or signing private documentation.