Portable Units

Here at Portable Building Hire, we would love to work with you to create a solution for your commercial space requirements. We are proud to use local NZ suppliers and trades for our buildings major components, and they are each fitted with electrical and plumbing components by professionals.

All of our buildings are constructed from an insulated paneling system, ensuring all year round insulation and durability on both the exterior and interior and are extremely easy care. Standard buildings come with New Denim Blue joinery, and can either be fitted with standard or ranch sliding doors, windows, partition walls, kitchen and/or ablution products to meet your business requirements.

Unit sizes start at 4.8m x 3m, with the most popular space being 6m x 3m. More colour and size options are available on request.

Our portable buildings are the ideal solution when extra space is needed on your commercial site. They are affordable, versatile, transportable, low maintenance, of high quality and you can either lease or buy them from us.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help tailor and deliver the ideal space for your needs.


Built from RHS steel box section, our foundation frames are very stable and have a high torsion rigidity strength. They have lifting points spaced equally for safe transportation and are galvanised for longevity.


All of our portable buildings come electrically fitted, including options with the likes of double or single power outlets, fluro tube or batten holder fittings, warm or cool incandescent bulbs or LED’s. Heat pumps, window bars and data fittings are also available options.


Majority of our existing Portable Building Hire units have plumbing in one form or another, ranging from a kitchen unit with a hot water boiler to a full ablution block (shower, toilet, hand basin, double sink), water boiler and gas califont. Any of these options are available on request.


If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can create a solution to suit you within a 3 week time frame. Stock is constantly revolving and we pride ourselves on fast and efficient service and delivery.


Fast, flexible and cost effective. Portable Building Hire specialise in providing facilities for businesses promptly, helping you reduce any downtime to keep production up and maximising your profits. Our units create a comfortable environment without compromising on efficiency.