About Portable Building Hire

Here at Portable Building Hire we proudly offer high quality and durable temporary or permanent solutions for your commercial sites. Our modular design allows for flexibility of space with size and configurations, ensuring we can meet your requirements. Wheth-er leasing or buying, our buildings are transportable for nationwide delivery.
Our buildings are cost efficient and ideal for a number of requirements; office space, meeting rooms, classrooms, lunch / smoko rooms, ablution / toilet blocks, kitchenettes, storage and retail spaces.
Established in 2013, we are proudly New Zealand owned and our units are manufac-tured by local contractors to the highest of standards.

We aim to provide portable buildings that meet your needs, whether you are looking to hire or even purchase we keep your budget in mind. Having a Portacom type building solution can offer you durable and affordable solutions for your portable buildings in the Christchurch region.

Our portable buildings provide the perfect solution every time whether it is for a business that requires a new office or transportable multipurpose buildings. Portable buildings also provide other benefits such as commercial offices, ablution facilities, equipment shelters or lunchrooms.

We take pride in been Christchurch’s portacom type solution providers for situations such as looking to purchase or hire portable buildings; our goal is to provide solutions for your accommodation needs. Sizes of portable buildings vary so can be suitable to fit your requirements. Portable housing are built to accommodate people so can be used as cabins, amenities, and are also able to have kitchens and dining room space as well.

Portacom Building Solutions offer affordable accommodation that can help with growing families or can be used as a ‘granny flats’.  We offer sleepouts that have been built to provide great value for your money and can also be used for many different purposes such as extra accommodation; home office, music room, games room, or hobby room. Our range of sleepouts can be placed on either a timber or concrete platform. If you are looking for sleepouts in Christchurch, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are happy to hire or sell them to you.

We have a selection of sleepout options available for you, or we can build to your request of features such as having your personalised home studio. Our professional team take pride in their workmanship, so aim to build exactly to your specifications ensuring you the peace of mind you require.

If you are in Christchurch’s urban or rural areas, sleepouts can include options such as bathrooms and storage areas for your convenience. We are proud to be your Christchurch sleepouts provider.