Building or renovating this summer? You need a portable home
Enjoy an opportunity to experience your new neighbourhood while living as a part of it in your portable sleepout or home. One of the greatest challenges that you’ll face during the building season is trying to pinpoint some affordable accommodation for yourself and your family while your home is constructed or renovated.
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Invest in your small business in the New Year
Getting good office space can be an absolute mission, which is why the appeal of the home office has only grown in the past few years. With so many of us working more hours remotely thanks to the wonders of modern cloud technology and communication, a home office is an excellent solution for that much-needed single-purpose space you’ve been searching for.
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Extended family incoming: hire a sleepout for the holidays
Were you were brave enough to put the offer out to your friends and family for a Christmas party hosted at your house? There’s a good chance that you’ll be spending a good deal of your Christmas night fitting family members onto various blow-up beds, trundlers, couches and pop-up tents as you try to give the tired travellers a place to sleep before their journey home.
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